Soni Irawan

The White Lies #2

readymade electric guitar (wood, iron, strings,
acrylic, plastic, guitar parts)
120 x 40 x 16 cm. (47 1/4 x 15 3/4 x 6 1/4 in.)
Executed in 2021.


S$5,200 - 6,500

Catalogue Essay

Soni Irawan’s (b. 1975, Indonesia) art is strongly influenced by the spirit and energy of his rock
music. The image of a guitar that is cut off, distorted and out of shape in The White Lies #2 is
a visualisation of and commentary on fake news. It articulates the notion that even if fake news
is delivered with good intentions, at its heart it is still a lie.

Both an artist and musician, Soni brings both these passions to his artmaking. He studied
printmaking at the Indonesia Art Institute, Jogjakarta and was one of the founders of
Yogyakarta experimental band Seek Six Sick. The subject matter addressed in his works
revolves around his family and social environment and strives to capture the spirit of human
survival in everyday life.

Courtesy of the Artist and

Artsphere Gallery