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Rona (Hue)

signed and dated 'Ibrahim 2020' on the reverse
acrylic and pencil on canvas
130 x 200 cm. (51 1/8 x 78 3/4 in.)
Executed in 2020.


S$6,200 - 10,500

Catalogue Essay

Ibrahim Sutan Parpatiah’s (b. 1975, Indonesia) artistic process explores the connection
between “soul and desire,” resulting in visceral, shapeless abstractions filled with quick,
intuitive paint strokes and deep earthy colours juxtaposed with pastel and neon tones.

Painted on a horizontal canvas, Rona (Hue) appears like an abstracted landscape in itself: the
background is painted in pale grey celadon, rendered flat and smooth and instantly evoking
calm. Ibrahim’s sharp, energetic strokes fill up the lower half of the canvas, imbuing the
painting with depth as black, grey, brown, deep red, pink and neon green colours coalesce.
Against the light and serene background, the restless movements of these strokes are
subdued and appear almost harmonious, the way that, when seen from a distance, the chaos
and wildness of natural landscapes transform into beauty. In his poem accompanying the
painting, Ibrahim poignantly articulates this connection between nature and the movements of
one’s interiority: “I spell the land and read the sky... A lump of colors/A handful of feelings/In
hue, in rhythm of the soul.”

Ibrahim is a distinguished abstract artist among the art communities of Indonesia. He began his
basic fine arts training at Sekolah Menangah Kejuruan Seni Rupa (SMSR), a vocational arts
college in West Sumatra. He later pursued a formal education at the Institut Seni Indonesia
(ISI) Yogyakarta in 1996, finishing his Fine Arts degree with a focus in painting in 2006. Ibrahim
returned to West Sumatra in 2006 to pursue a new venture in teaching at the ISI Padang

Panjang, yet he remains focused on exploring and enhancing his creative work, pushing himself
to investigate colour and cultivate his experiments on canvas.

Courtesy of the Artist and Gajah Gallery


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